Co-creation, digital focus groups and remote product development: engage your consumers in the innovation process

While consumer centric strategies are being challenged during these unusual times, Mushin offers to place the final consumer at the heart of companies’ creative processes. An answer to develop products remotely, visually and digitally, by uniting product stakeholders. A digital platform for visual co-creation, a digitalized focus group.

Developing products and innovating remotely, it’s possible!
From first product inspirations to approval of samples, product owners are not connected enough to other actors of the product development process. Communication within multidisciplinary teams is linear and sequential most of the time, with only 20% of creative ideas being saved in the upstream process.

Thanks to real time and visual interactions, Mushin makes the process efficient and accessible: 100% of ideas, product intentions and adjustments are capitalized, and multi-skilled teams are coordinated. A common collaboration platform to guarantee innovation, involvement, and a strong link between all product stakeholders.

For Cuisinella, “engaging consumers in the innovation”, great!
“Gather together and place the consumers in the innovation process to develop new products ideas in few weeks”. Early adopter Cuisinella, from the Schmidt group, used the Mushin interface to revolutionize the product development process by placing the final customer at its center and truly bring to life their consumer-centric strategies.

Used as a digital focus group, Mushin brings a live solution to listen to consumer trends allowing to identify pain points and imagine together product innovations. The platform aligns the product engineer and designers with the final consumer through a direct dialogue. Cuisinella places consumer needs at the center of its creative process, all 100% remotely.

About Mushin
Founded in 2013 in France, Mushin is the first platform of visual sharing and chat for product teams. Its concept revolves entirely around the founders’ conviction: « when we speak about products we must speak visually”. Organizing images and discussing efficiently around those insights to innovate.

Bernard Soriano

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