Leadership en entreprise : 3 compétences indispensables pour piloter l’innovation

Comme nous le savons tous, innover et créer quelque chose de nouveau est généralement considéré, à juste titre, comme un effort important, mais très risqué. En tant que tels, les responsables de l’innovation sont constamment soumis à une forte pression provenant de toutes part. Lorsque le sujet de l’innovation est abordé, nous nous concentrons souvent […]

Co-creation, digital focus groups and remote product development: engage your consumers in the innovation process

While consumer centric strategies are being challenged during these unusual times, Mushin offers to place the final consumer at the heart of companies’ creative processes. An answer to develop products remotely, visually and digitally, by uniting product stakeholders. A digital platform for visual co-creation, a digitalized focus group. Developing products and innovating remotely, it’s possible!From […]

Remote work and post-covid 19: Digital solution for developing products remotely

While half of the planet is thinking about coming out of the stay at home order to go back to work, many wonder how to develop products remotely, to answer the issue of cancelled business trips, or to organize focus groups with consumers? Mushin adapted its digital platform for co-creation: mobile and web, customizable in […]

The Creative Process Recipe: 5 Key Ingredients

Today, the need for creating innovative product is stronger than ever. Doing business across several countries, hiring people half a world away, these kinds of practices aren’t problems anymore. The success of an organization is rather how much they can differenciate themselves from the competition. From trends analysis to product launch on the market, the […]