Insight collect and remote co-creation : now or never !

Due to the slow comeback of commercial activity post-covid19, companies today focus on short term commercial performance and success. Preparing the next collections, reinforce product innovation to deepen differentiation and attract new clients remains an absolute priority. Not being able to travel, to go on buying trips, to conduct client focus groups and face-to-face meeting to adjust new products already adds difficulty to the product managers’ task at hand. Mushin offers a tool dedicated to gathering consumer insights, co-creating, and collaborating around the product. From insights to product ideation, information about the future products is shared visually to accelerate understanding. No need to meet physically in the same place to co-develop new products thanks to the digitization of the upstream phase of the innovation process.

Digitization… a tool for everyone !
These past few weeks push us to modernize our processes. It is not only the direction committee’s vision that counts, but a real need to deliver onto that promise. The stay-at-home period taught us that most teams are ready and motivated to work remotely, but that developing new products and collections still requires many back and forth discussions. Thanks to visuals and images, Mushin’s DNA, all product stakeholders, product manager, supplier, consumers, designers, technicians, marketing teams, consumer insights teams… Can onboard together onto the same platform and imagine together the products of tomorrow.

Indeed, the sense of urgency that results from the crisis brings out the issue of the necessary time to develop a collection, to innovate. Sequential back and forth, within cross-teams that do not absorb information the same way, and with external stakeholders, generate a loss of at least 2-3 weeks. With Mushin, the information is available at the same place for all in order to avoid data and information loss, and to reduce misinterpretations.

This way, cross-teams have access to the entirety of the new collection/offer. They can communicate and make the necessary adjustments in real time to make the offer more adapted. They can invite external contributors such as consumers and suppliers so they can also contribute to the improvement and coherence of new products.

Place your consumers at the heart of the innovation process !
Even though many consumers reduced their buying habits, brands and retailers need to maintain the link with them. Co-creation allows consumers to be involved in the conception of the future products they will purchase. A new solution to ensure the construction of a coherent and efficient offer.

According to a McKinsey & Company study published at the end of 2019, the digitization of the upstream phase of the creative process is necessary to product creation. It’s during this phase that efficiency and performance gains can be made.  C’est dans cette phase que résident les principaux gains d’efficacité et de performance. Développer un avantage compétitif durable, c’est optimiser la phase de définition du produit. Indeed, gains are numerous and can be summarized to no waste and speed to market.

No waste because there are many losses. For example, Mushin allows La Redoute to divide by 3 the number of samples useful to the validation of products by digitizing the back and forth with suppliers. Who knows the real cost of a sample? According to Fashion3, the apparent cost if between 50€ and 100€ per piece, but indirect costs are huge. The real waste includes plane tickets, transportation costs, FeDex, labor force to make and stock samples, and direct costs as these samples are included in the price of the articles once they are ordered. The social cost (HR) of people who waste time handling not adapted products is also to be taken into consideration. Therefore, it not between 50 and 100€, but more around 900€ that are wasted per piece. Less samples, less time, lower carbon footprint, more savings: Mushin helps companies but also the planet!

Speed to market because digitization allows to move from sequential to collaboration. The different product stakeholders (from insights to validation) interact in a dynamic exchange, in real time, where they can continually adjust. This way, we decide faster of new just and adapted products.

Designers, suppliers, and consumers are connected, interact faster and in a more direct manner, which reduces the time to market and related costs!

About Mushin
Founded in 2013 in France, Mushin is the first platform of visual sharing and chat for product teams. Its concept revolves entirely around the founders’ conviction: « when we speak about products we must speak visually”. Organizing images and discussing efficiently around those insights to innovate.

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