Remote work and post-covid 19: Digital solution for developing products remotely

While half of the planet is thinking about coming out of the stay at home order to go back to work, many wonder how to develop products remotely, to answer the issue of cancelled business trips, or to organize focus groups with consumers? Mushin adapted its digital platform for co-creation: mobile and web, customizable in a few hours, with a creative process that allows the visual to be at the center of the discussion about products without meeting in the same physical place. 

Preparing the post lock-in period
Because work methods in the following months will be different but product development objectives stay the same, Mushin is the opportunity to move forward differently. 
Traveling less, meeting digitally and sharing our advancement differently is the solution to speed up recovery. Mushin facilitates this process by answering the needs of coordination and staying connected, simplification of the collect and sharing of information, and alignment on common topics, today and tomorrow!

That’s what Salomon does with Mushin !
When the office is not the center of professional life anymore, Mushin can recreate the link around the product and allow to move forward efficiently in the construction of the offer”.
David Farcot, head of design at Salomon, is convinced. “The accessible, modular and visual interface, paired with the various possibilities of interaction among creative stakeholders, is allowing us to maintain a high level of richness, fluidity and dynamism in our day to day creative process, while we’re all sitting at home.” 

Despite remote work, the platform truly digitalizes the design wall and makes in interactive even remotely. Salomon multiplied the frequency of connection to the tool since the beginning of the stay-at-home order by 8. Decision making becomes optimal, mobilizing the stakeholders is reinforced to continue to meet innovation objectives.

About Mushin
Founded in 2013 in France, Mushin is the first platform for visual sharing and chat for product teams. Its concept revolves entirely around the founders’ conviction: « when we speak about products we must speak visually”. The platform is more than ever an opportunity to be seized by companies that need to work on their future collections.

Bernard Soriano

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