Web Summit: Mushin playing with the big boys!

In this end of year, Mushin is propelled in the 1st row of the world innovative startups. Invited in the Alpha class to present the new features of the collaborative app. The team Mushin and our CEO Bernard Soriano made the trip in Dublin.

Considered as the “the best technological conference on earth” by international media, the Web Summit became in few years a reference in Europe for digital technology. This year, 1 000 startups represented at the Alpha Class, 700 speakers, 30 000 professional visitors and many events organized like conferences, forums or networking.

The biggest companies were there like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google or Amazon. Mushin was selected among 20 000 candidates to participate in this event to present the new online version of the app.

« There was an incredible energy during this event, thousands of entrepreneurs who dream to change the world were gathered in the same place at the same time. » « The Web Summit is a fantastic cultural melting pot with more than 65 nationalities and projects of an ever seen diversity. »

These 3 days, with a very steady rhythm, brought the team to meet more than 30 investors, mainly  English, French and Indian. We benefit from mentorship sessions with professionals of the sector – thank you Alison Vincent, CTO of Cisco – and we made connection with the French Tech – thanks to Axelle Lemaire Secretary of State in charge of the digital technology.

During the conferences of this Web Summit, we noticed that several trends linked with Mushin were emerging. For instance, during the conference:”Visual is the new text” We were consolidated in the coherence of our application. Indeed in the business world the visual replaces little by little texts. We also noticed that the collaboration is a rapidly expanding market.

To take stock of this event, our first Web Summit was really constructive. We were able to meet really interesting people, Mushin received a lot of positive feedback. To conclude, it activated new opportunities for the company.

See you next year!

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