Today, the need for creating innovative product is stronger than ever. Doing business across several countries, hiring people half a world away, these kinds of practices aren’t problems anymore. The success of an organization is rather how much they can differenciate themselves from the competition.

From trends analysis to product launch on the market, the upstream phase of the creative process can be confronted to impediments. Collaborative tools aim to help teams in reducing these obstacles.

Upstream creative process cycle for product conception

Here are 5 key ingredients to add to your product conception recipe :

  1. “Creativity” doesn’t mean “to be original”

A so called creative product has to be innovative and original. But not only.

Get the answer to client’s expectations is crucial within the upstream creative process. A product that looks awesome but which is useless will never last long. Its lifecycle won’t last more than the chocolate bar we’ve just hidden in our bedside table.

  1. To be consistent with the company’s DNA

Blackberry Inc. is a well-known example that caracterizes this issue. The Canadian smartphone producer fought against the competition, forgetting its own identity. When we conceive goods that are not aligned with the firm’s values and culture, they won’t get a chance to survive. Respecting the enterprise’s DNA during the creative process assures the product’s success. Chances to catch those who are loyal to the brand image and to the firm’s messages delivery are higher.

  1. Internal and external inspirations combination

Feeding ourselves from competition moves and checking company’s archives allow teams to get inspired from their current operational domain. Yet the most famous inventions of our history didn’t come from our working environment. Daily details, travels, hobbies and many other things,  are precious sources of our imagination.

  1. The fear of sharing

Although they might be brilliant from a personal point of view, ideas might not get the same success to other co-workers. Sharing a drawing can help better improving it. This statement doesn’t mean that individual reflexion period should be blamed. On the contrary, it gives time to creative people to grow their ideas before sharing them to the rest of the team.

  1. Some explanations ?

Saying “a stylist is inspired” is not very surprising. But it’s essential for him/her to argument and justify his/her thoughts. These elements help to give a clear perception to others of what the stylist’s creation really looks like. Have a good understanding of the product ensures better results at the end.

Did you know Mushin makes sure all these ingredients are included in the creative conception recipe? Visual gathering and sharing are now facilitated. Users make their ideas growing individually before getting feedbacks from the others.

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