Innovation or how to step up your game !

According to a survey’s release from The Conference board, we pinned down the two most critical challenges for today’s CEOs:

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These two challenges are totally correlated as innovation depends on the quality of leadership in the organization. It is also true for the other way around. All over the world, innovation is actually in the top 5 businesses issues. Another study, on Feedback datas between leaders and colleagues, showed that being innovative is a must-have within a company. It was ranked in the middle, out of 16 competencies. Although executives placed it lower than it was supposed to: 13 out of 16. In this case, we can see how opinions can differ from one another…

What do the most innovative leaders do that boost innovation?

By parsing out successful leaders of innovation, we were able to determine 9 behaviors that drive innovation. What are the secret ingredients ?

1. Vision
Gather the team to create a vision and entice them to be at the top of the game.

2. Trust

It is a relationship between a trustor and a trustee. The trustor takes risks and the trustee is to be trustworthy. Leaders must be taught both how to trust and how to be trusted.

3. Challenge

Highly innovative leaders are known to be fearless and very ambitious. They will be ready to challenge the statut quo and find the balance between what is right and what is legally accepted.

4. Expertise

It means the ability of « learning fast and learning deep ». It’s called deep expertise or learning agility. You continuously expand your knowledge about your environment and your company.

5. High goals

To set the bar highly is a common practice in innovative organizations. Teams have the opportunity to strive toward achieving what they believe in.

6. Speed

Leaders must keep in mind to keep up the pressure. They believe things can be delivered sooner than later. Speed of execution is actually a huge factor for innovation.

7. Information

Keep everyone on the same page with seamless information sharing and transparency. Teams excel at catching and pitching information.

8. Teamwork

It is never about what we do as individual. It is always about what we co-create together. Teamwork and collaboration have never been more important than right now.

9. Diversity and inclusion

What create the most innovative product or ideas is the profile divergence. The creative process feeds on this melting pot of views and experiences.

Colleagues and leaders, as a team effort, make a real difference by creating an innovative culture within the company. These insights just showed how a team culture can significantly spawn an innovation burst.

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(Source: Forbes)


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