Creativity & Empowerment: The holy Graal !

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Ben Chestnut is MailChimp‘s co-founder and CEO. He explains how he empowers creativity in his company at The Summit, in 2012. The main challenge is to find how to inspire people to make great things. His answer may surprise you !

[mk_blockquote font_family= »none » text_size= »18″ align= »center »_color= »#007AC9″]Let your teams fail in order to make them get better at it ![/mk_blockquote] As a leader, the only thing you can do is to give them TIME. If one of your team member asks you 2 months to work on a project, you give him 1 month knowing that the first week will be the most intense and efficient creative phase.

Nobody is perfect, we learn from our experience and our mistakes !

You want them to be highly creative ? Value their work, their personality and let them do what they do best: CREATE.  As long as they are confident, inspiration will trickle down and burst at the seams.

Be aware that your guys will still procrastinate, seek perfection and get distracted yet miraculous things will happen! BUT keep in mind not rest on your laurels, you may take time for them. Explain why they are building it and let them choose!


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