Launching products meeting market requirements without spending more money? This isn’t a tricked equation but the future of purchasing thanks to digital innovations.

Why purchasing needs to be digitized? The answer relies on one sentence: your products become more fashionable and the validation time between briefings and initial samples (IS) is drastically reduced. Your budget has been cut? No worries, you can still try our smart solution.

#1 Be on top of the market pulse


You know your best assets to capture market trends are your teams in the field. They travel the world, visit suppliers, go to shows and fairs. They harvest the innovations and emerging trends you can’t afford to miss for next collections.

But how to do you make the most of their inspirations? Are they accessible enough to the rest of the team? Are they shared instantly? Probably not. But that’s exactly why you need to get digital!

A digital and collaborative showroom can help you get great insights on market trends in real-time. Patterns, fabrics, shapes, it’s all here. Your visual information need to be sorted, structured, categorized though. That’s how you really take advantage of them during your creative process.

#2 Enable exchanges and interactions


Create a digital showroom to capitalize on information from your teams: check! But what now? You need to enrich product proposals with interactions and exchanges. That’s the best and most efficient recipe to transform trends into relevant prototypes.

To get to this point, brands and suppliers have to collaborate and communicate efficiently with each other. Collaborative platforms enable you to connect with the right person at the right time in order to accelerate your decision making and buying process.

How? Why?

  • Meeting with your suppliers in person is a critical step not to neglect. This is a chance to set up and adjust processes between both teams. Team alignment is crucial to a good collaboration. However, budgets are a bit tight and you can’t afford to visit overseas suppliers as often as you’d like to. Enter the collaborative platform! Digital solutions help you continue your initial conversations and be more agile with your partners. 
  • Once you’ve set up your processes and you’ve communicated your product briefings to your suppliers, they need to enrich them with inputs and feedbacks. Taking advantage of your suppliers design skills and experiences is the new key to creative innovations and budget optimization. Collaborative platforms will engage and create a synergy between Designers, Merchandisers, Stylists and Product Managers. It’s the best way to make the most of their ideas and get validated products faster! 

#3 Keep your budget under control


So, we all agree that the key words for this success are « hit the market well and fast ». We also know you have to be smart about your budget management during this process, that means staying focused on what really matters!

Buying efficiently without additional resources or with a limited budget is possible thought. Here’s how digital innovations can help you:

  • Better and instant sharing of visuals within your team or suppliers at each step: for purchasing guidelines, product briefings, etc. « An image is worth a thousand words » (right, Confucius?)
  • A better sharing of patterns, graphics and designs equals 25% of budget savings and you won’t ever have to re-create same things over and over again. You’re welcome people! Optimization and capitalization of existing designs enables people to be more creative!
  • Product pre-selection has never been this easy with a digital and visual showroom. This solution is a win-win combination for brands and suppliers: brands have less samples to handle and manage and suppliers produce fewer samples before validation. 


Ready to make your life easier and save money?

Well, are you convinced yet? What if we told you that such a solution does exist and you can try it with your team and suppliers?

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