Discover the Mushin Team !

What makes Mushin’s strength is his team. Unique personalities but all driven by the same desire: to move forward together.

Work together as a network within the company, with a wide variety of players, is, in our opinion, the most relevant way to build real solutions for the future.
In a world where innovation is the determining factor in competitiveness, only the most adaptable companies are able to respond to new challenges. This adaptability is the key for startups, but also for large companies that bet on collaborative innovation.

The story of Mushin

After 4 years in innovation at Décathlon and then at Quechua, where he notably managed the product range, Bernard Soriano became aware of the importance of modernising the innovation approaches of large companies, through a decompartmentalised and collaborative approach.

Meet the team

Photo profil Bernard Soriano
Bernard Soriano
Photo profil Emeric Pandellé
Emeric Pandellé
Dev Front
Marine Langlois
CSM & Marketing
Photo profil Quentin Chatelais
Quentin Chatelais
Lead Dev

“Our job is to help companies innovate in a modern, open and collaborative way”

Bernard Soriano

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