Involve your teams thanks to Collaborative Visual Management

collaborative management

Fair products that take into account market upturns

80% of the products launched each year fail once on the market. Because an image is worth a thousand brainstorms, Mushin allows you to capitalize on the strength of the visual stimuli.

Instill a culture of feedback in your teams

Collect, share, organize in the same place all the product inspirations that pass through your head or in front of your eyes. Collective intelligence at the service of creativity.

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Minimized risk taking during your product launches

The creation of a new product represents a risk for a company. Therefore, a number of steps must be followed to introduce it to the market. Give your products a solid foundation for future development.

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Save time, resources and focus on the essentials

Save time. Reduce costs. Move forward as efficiently as possible in your discussions with your teams and clients. Align your customer-centric strategy with the way you think about your products.

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Define the visual direction of your next Design Sprint

After inspiration, it’s time for action! Create your own moodboards on Mushin from images to feed thematic benchmarks around specific topics, and allow you to innovate in all your projects.

Mushin, the missing link between your ideas and their achievement