Innovation produit : 95% des nouveaux produits échouent, nos conseils pour maximiser vos chances

Selon Clayton Christensen, professeur à la Harvard Business School, plus de 30 000 nouveaux produits sont lancés chaque année et 95% d’entre eux échouent. Il s’agit d’ailleurs du même taux de réussite que celui que j’avais avec les filles à l’université (ma méthode était clairement bancale). Cela nous amène à la question suivante : Pourquoi […]

Collaboration platform technology is paramount to ultra-competitive industries

Collaboration platform technology is paramount to the continued success of industry leaders and early adopters within fashion, retail, consumer products, manufacturing and education. Mushin, is the pioneer in visual collaboration technology, for brands and suppliers throughout the world. Offering a powerful integrated upstream tool that is designed to engage #creative connected professionals, From #inspiration through […]

Digitize purchasing with a collaborative platform

Launching products meeting market requirements without spending more money? This isn’t a tricked equation but the future of purchasing thanks to digital innovations. Why purchasing needs to be digitized? The answer relies on one sentence: your products become more fashionable and the validation time between briefings and initial samples (IS) is drastically reduced. Your budget has been cut? No worries, you can still try our smart solution. […]