Art Up! the contemporary art fair stimulates Lille


Art Up! was a sweat spot to be last week in Lille to be around contemporary artists, art lovers and other curious visitors who just want to broaden their minds. For the eleventh edition, the Art UP! collective have seen things big: 100 art galeries displayed for 3 days in Lille Grand Palais, and a matching theme “Volumes and Sculptures: from the tinniest to the most enormous”.

The art that sets our souls in motion



Just like the other 32 000 visitors in 2017, we went to the exposition and were seduced by the diversity of artwork and details that multiply reading levels of the art. Contemporary art inspires and stimulates us. Each work of art draws our attention in a different way and then raises questions. What were the artist’s intentions? His state of mind? What inspired him? Very often, these questions remain unanswered. It is all about sensibility, feelings and more importantly: taste!

Our selection :

Moodboard created with Mushin Moodboard created with Mushin Moodboard created with Mushin art-up-lille-inspiring-women Moodboard réalisé sur Mushin art-up-lille-perspectives Moodboard created with Mushin

You can also find most pieces of art on Instagram using the #artup :

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